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Research Groups

Systems Group

The Systems Group is led by professors Alan CoxPeter DruschelDavid JohnsonT.S. Eugene NgScott Rixner, and Dan Wallach.

Alan Cox

Prof. Alan Cox's research interests include parallel processing, computer architecture, distributed systems, concurrent programming, and performance evaluation. He is currently involved in the design and implementation of TreadMarks, a software distributed shared memory system running on a network of workstations. He has also worked with Alejandro Schaffer on FASTLINK, a project to provide fast sequential and parallel genetic linkage analysis software.
Peter Druschel

Prof. Peter Druschel's research interests are in computer systems, particularly distributed systems, ad hoc networking, and operating systems. Current projects include Pastry/PAST: peer-to-peer systems, IRIS: Infrastructure for Resilient Internet Systems, Safari: Ad hoc network infrastructure, ScalaServer: system support for scalable network servers.

dave johnson-web

Prof. David B. Johnson's research interests are in network protocols, operating systems, and distributed systems, particularly in the interaction between these areas. His primary research area currently is in the area of protocols for wireless and mobile networking, and he is leading the Monarch Project at Rice University (previously Carnegie Mellon University) in this area. Related to this research, he has been active in the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) for many years and is one of the principal designers of the IETF Mobile IP protocol for IPv4 and have been the primary designer of Mobile IP for IPv6.

Eugene Ng-03

Prof. T. S. Eugene Ng's  research interests lie in network support for global-scale systems, network resource management, and autonomic network management. Current projects include 100×100: blueprint for the next generation global network, Global Network Positioning (GNP): modeling the complex Internet as simple  metric spaces, End System Multicast broadcasting: peer-to-peer live broadcasting.

Scott Rixner 

Prof. Scott Rixner's research interests include media, network, and communications processing; the interaction between operating systems and computer architectures; and memory system architecture. His research at Rice has largely focused on network server architecture and embedded systems architecture.


Prof. Chris Jermaine's research interests lie in databases and data management, and data mining/machine learning. His reseapast research has focused on studying and using analytic databases.

Dan Wallach-web

Prof. Dan Wallach's research interests include mobile code security, peer-to-peer networking security, wireless security, and the security of electronic voting systems. He is the leader of Rice's Computer Security Laboratory.

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